Cold forming technology

We deform a wide range of metal wire types through cold forming, using multi-station progressive presses to obtain high-precision mechanical parts. This particular type of forming, free of scrap, alters the geometry of wire at constant volume to reach the desired dimensions: large batches and high-speed plastic deformation allow for the production of large quantities of material with costs that are remarkably lower compared to mechanical turning processes.

Rolling process

Threading of large quantities of semi-finished cold pressed parts is performed through plastic deformation of the parts by rolling: the material is moved by mobile combs to obtain the required profile. The same process enables, by changing the geometry of the combs, to create a wide range of knurling and threading, both ISO-compliant and according to customers' personalized drawings.


We remove extruded oil before heat- treatments and galvanic coating processes specifically required by the end Customer: our in-house systems allow flexible and timely processing management, cutting down costs related to shipping to external suppliers and providing excellent process control.

Heat treatments

The heat treatment endows the parts with the required magnetic and mechanical hardness and resistance features. Our systems, managed by dedicated software, are able to monitor all the magnetic annealing process parameters in real time, respecting supply specifications and guaranteeing compliance of the process and of the manufactured parts. We also perform reclamation, tempering, carbonitriding and case-hardening treatments following Customer's specifications.


Before being shipped, goods are checked by means of electronic sorting systems, which allow the fast and inexpensive verification of parts compliance, concurrently removing any foreign bodies. For devised products for assembly line, or made upon the End customer's specific requests, the material is checked by sorting machines fitted with optical cameras able to achieve 100% conformity verification, and to concurrently evaluate a number of critical aspects such as size irregularity, thread or its absence, burrs, remarkable deformation or alteration of external geometry.

Surface treatments

Thanks to strategic suppliers boasting great experience in the sector, we can offer an extensive range of galvanic treatments, including acid or alkaline zinc plating, copper plating, tinning, chemical and electrolytic nickel plating, Teflon coating, antioxidant treatments, ultrasonic cleaning and vibro finishing.