Who we are

Since 1961,we have been producing high precision special cold-formed small metal parts, obtained by the cold forming process of wire and strip, following customers’ drawings and in partnership with leading multinational companies. Around 50% of our production reaches the international Automotive industry market, where high quality of supplies and new technology research and development have always been essential elements.
The Company, located in the industrial area of Padova and deep seated in its own territory, aims at the European and global market: the plant covers an area of 15,000 square meters, 10,000 of which indoor. Product diversification and extreme machinery flexibility allow us to operate in a varied range of fields including the automotive, household appliance, electromechanical, electronic, automation and building industry.


Our ambition is bringing our experience and our quality all over the world and in new markets, pursuing continuous product and process innovation, also backed by many joint projects involving research laboratories connected to universities and outstanding industries. Our improvement-oriented policy has always focused on investment in innovative technologies and development of new projects, mainly pursuing the standing of ideal supplier on increasingly demanding markets.


  • Total Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  •  R & D for new technologies
  • Proactive Cooperation with Customers
  • Respect and protection of the environment