Electromechanical products

High flexibility of machines and process allow the production of diversified parts, using numerous types of materials, capable of meeting the needs of a market structured on large numbers and high precision.

We produce rivets and fastening systems for civil and industrial electrical panels and for electrical wiring applications, rivets, and half-hollow/through hole cores for magnetothermic switches.

Fastening for advanced systems

The secret to success in an ever-changing electromechanical industry? Versatility. Prima Zanetti in Padua, thanks to the exceptional flexibility of its machinery and production processes, is your concrete answer to the dynamic needs of a market that demands large volumes and extreme precision.

Prima Zanetti is ready to become your strategic partner in the electromechanical industry, providing customized solutions that exceed all expectations. We are the right choice for those seeking excellence and cutting-edge solutions.

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Custom-made flexible solutions

Innovative design that perfectly fits your needs, improving the overall efficiency of electromechanical processes.

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GPS coordinates:
long. 11.952138 (11° 57' 7.70'' E) - lat. 45.393598 (45° 23' 36.95'' N)

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Address: Viale della Regione Veneto, 11 - 35127 Padova Phone number: 049 8702052 Email: info@primazanetti.it Sales office: commerciale@primazanetti.it
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