lavorazioni minuterie metalliche

Custom machining
in Padua

Prima Zanetti is committed to providing complete, high-quality solutions for your machining needs in Padua. Internally, we specialize in a wide range of complementary machining operations, including turning, mechanical operations with material removal, two types of knurling, threading, lapping, and rolling.

Our production capabilities include the making of:

  • Metric threads from ISO M3 to M10.
  • Threads to drawing.
  • Knurling, DIN82 knurling.
  • Lapping to polish spherical surfaces.
  • Deformation grooves.
  • Grinding grooves for machining to drawing at BZ Forming S.r.l.

Structural innovation with advanced technologies

In recent years, our company has made significant strides in technological innovation, equipping with cutting-edge automated machining equipment. This allows us to produce complex geometries efficiently and cutting costs. The key to this success lies in the synergy between two advanced technologies: cold forming and machining.

Thanks to this strategic combination, we are able to produce highly complex parts at a significantly lower cost than traditional turning processes. Our continuous research for innovative solutions positions us at the forefront of the industry, guaranteeing our customers high-quality, technologically advanced, and cost-effective products.

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