In-house annealing and finishing treatments

Prima Zanetti performs in-house stress relief and magnetic annealing heat treatments in Padua, in controlled atmosphere environment, giving components the necessary hardness, strength and coercive force characteristics. Our systems, controlled by dedicated software, are able to monitor all the parameters of the magnetic annealing process in real time, meeting supply specifications and ensuring process conformity.

It is also possible to perform pretreatment washes for extruded oil removal, finishing washes, degreasing, polishing for copper, brass and aluminum, and oiling, to obtain a product that corresponds in every detail to the customer’s drawing. With cutting-edge equipment, we guarantee high production capabilities, controlled repeatability as well as flexible and well-timed processing management, cutting costs associated with shipping to outside suppliers.

Outsourced treatments for advanced galvanic and heat solutions

Prima Zanetti also offers a wide range of outsourced heat and galvanic treatments from certified suppliers. Reliable and qualified partners for special treatments of hardening, tempering and subsequent treatments, carbo-nitriding, casehardening, and surface treatments with shims and salt spray resistance, in accordance with norms of reference and individual customer requirements.

Thanks to suppliers with extensive experience in the field, we offer a wide range of galvanic treatments, including acid or alkaline zinc plating, zinc-nickel plating, copper plating, tin plating, chemical and electrolytic nickel plating, sandblasting, Teflon plating, antioxidant treatments and vibratory finishing.

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