Precision small metal parts in Padua

Prima Zanetti has been producing since 1961 special high precision, on commission small metal parts obtained by the cold forming process from metal wire for major multinational companies. About 65% of production is destined for the overseas markets. The high quality of supplies and research & development of new technologies have always been essential elements that distinguish us. The company, headquartered in the industrial area of Padua is strongly rooted in the territory and turns its gaze far toward European and Global markets.

Product diversification and the extreme flexibility of our machinery allow us to operate in very different sectors, such as automotive, household appliances, electromechanical, electronic, automation and construction.

Values and know-how

Our know-how spans a wide range of key services:

  • Cold forming know-how: a highly efficient and precise technological process that enables us to transform materials into high-quality components.
  • In-house co-design designing: our technical team with innovative CAD 3D and FEM software, designs and simulates the development of the forming process in-house, optimizing the product and its application.
  • In-house tooling production: BZ Forming, a group company, manufactures most of the tool kits allowing us responsiveness, flexibility, competitiveness, and reduced lead times.
  • Electronic stress monitoring on forming and rolling equipment during manufacturing to ensure repeatability, scrap reduction and product conformity.


The company “Metalli Nobili” is founded

The Metalli Nobili company, founded by entrepreneur Pier Antonio Zanetti in Padua, marks the beginning of an extraordinary story in the world of the metalworking industry, driven by the passion for innovation and excellence in metalworking.


One of Europe’s main players

The turning point comes when the company assumes its current name and moves its production site to its present location, becoming one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the field of cold-formed small metal parts.



Our commitment led, over the years, to the implementation of the first UNI EN ISO 9002 certification, later to become ISO 9001, a further step toward excellence in the quality of high-precision small metal parts and first-class services.


“BZ Forming” is born

From a company spin-off, “BZ Forming” was created. It deals with the manufacture of cold forming equipment and machining operations, to meet customers’ needs and invest in expansion and innovation


IATF Certification

Implementation of ISOTS 16949 Certification, an automotive industry technical specification, replaced in 2018 by IATF 16949.

High levels of quality guaranteed

Achievement and Retention of IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certifications

Prima Zanetti’s facility in Padua covers an area of 15.000 m2, of which 10.000 m2 entirely covered.


Prima Zanetti is strongly focused on sustainability and social responsibility. This corporate culture is based on a Code of Ethics shared with partners, which aims to address ambitious challenges, such as achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050. The company is working to achieve these resolutions by analyzing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions, using renewable sources.

Prima Zanetti is also committed to purchasing raw materials that comply with Conflict Minerals rules and have a low environmental impact. The company provides support to ensure products in line with international sustainability standards, demonstrating its commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

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Metal solutions through cold forming

Proactivity drives our ability to meet challenges and provide modern solutions, while constant innovation is at the core of our processes. Our success is the result of dedicated and collaborative teamwork, both within the company and with our customers.

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