Innovative cold forming in Padua

The company made of cold forming its core business, with a machines fleet of multi-station progressive machines for cold forming with up to 5 dies equipped with electronic stress monitoring systems from an Industry 4.0 perspective (interconnection, digitization, touchscreen technology).

This particular type of cold forming, dross-free, alters the wire’s geometry with equal volume until the desired dimensions are achieved. Repeatability, large batch sizes, reduced material waste, and high speed allow the production of large quantities of material at extremely lower costs than turning and mechanical removal processes.

Machines and raw materials of excellence

Discover our excellent selection of 20 automatic machines, including renowned models from SACMA, Salvi and National Machinery. Each press represents the pinnacle of innovation and quality in the industry, ensuring reliable performance and flawless forming results.
Choose the precision and reliability that only the best brands can offer for your production needs. The wide range of raw materials that can be used including silver, pure iron, low carbon steel, boron quenching steels, copper, brass, stainless steel (ferritic, austenitic) aluminum and alloys complement the versatility of this technology, with a range of wire diameters used from 0.8 mm to 15 mm. Among our raw materials:

  • RFe 60, RFe 80;
  • Cu-ETP, Cu-OFE;
  • CuZn37, CuZn33;
  • C10C, C4C, C15C;
  • 19MnB4, 23B2, 35B2, 38B2;
  • Al 99,5 – Al 99,7 – Al serie 5000 – Al 6000;
  • Ag 999/1000, Ag Ni 90/10;
  • AISI 304 Cu, AISI 304AISI 430, AISI 310S, AISI 321.

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Our main products

  • Solid and half-hollow rivets.
  • Stems, pins, spindles.
  • Magnetic cores.
  • Multidiameter pins.
  • Through-hole cores.
  • Threaded cores.
  • Threaded and knurled cores.
  • Spring pins for shells.
  • Cut-off stud balls.
  • Special screws.

Where we are

GPS coordinates:
long. 11.952138 (11° 57' 7.70'' E) - lat. 45.393598 (45° 23' 36.95'' N)

Our contact details
Address: Viale della Regione Veneto, 11 - 35127 Padova Phone number: 049 8702052 Email: Sales office:
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