Sustainable small metal parts in Padua

Prima Zanetti demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability, a core value required to all companies as part of social responsibility. This commitment is not only limited to the internal sphere of the company, but also extends to the analysis of activities’ impact on the surrounding environment.

This corporate culture is based on key principles of its Code of Ethics, shared with partners to develop relationships based on mutual trust. The company embraces ambitious challenges, including the goal of achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050, as set by agreements among European Union member states under the Green Deal.

CO2 free energy suppliers

In recent years, Prima Zanetti has undertaken a detailed analysis of the environmental impact of its operations, focusing especially on the energy sector. In this context, the company has partnered with certified “CO2 free” energy suppliers to ensure that the resources used are 100% from renewable sources.

Prima Zanetti is embarking on a significant journey to achieve ambitious goals, paying particular attention to energy efficiency in all its facilities and production processes. These efforts demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to reducing its ecological footprint and resulting carbon emissions.

Respect for the raw materials used

Prima Zanetti stands out for a responsible sourcing policy that goes beyond the mere commercial aspect. The company places significant emphasis on sustainability and reduced environmental impact, not only in its operations, but also in its choice of raw materials. In its supplying policy, the company follows the new Conflict Minerals regulation, ensuring that raw materials used in production processes are extracted and produced in accordance with ethical and humanitarian principles.

The company actively engages with its customers in reporting activities. This means providing the support necessary to ensure that products meet international sustainability standards and are fully transparent with respect to the origin of the raw materials used. This commitment reinforces customers’ trust in the company and its dedication to sustainability.

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